TRAP (The Rochester Accent Project)

I am currently running The Rochester Accent Project (TRAP). The purpose of The Rochester Accent Project is to provide a sociolinguistic description of Rochester/Monroe County, NY within upstate New York and the Inland North dialect region. The specific aims of the project are to document features of the dialect of Rochester and the surrounding areas and to learn about the life, history and culture of Rochester as it relates to language change over time.

As part of this project, Julianne Kapner (BA ’19 UR) worked with the 19th Ward Community Association on a set of oral histories, that also formed the basis of her analysis of the Rochester dialect today. These are available on the Rochester Voices website, of the Rochester Public Library.

The Campus Times published a piece about Julianne’s research at the U of R.

High Falls, Rochester, NY. Photo credit: Zita Muhsin