Our languages, our lives, and the global pandemic

I recently started working with Naomi Nagy at the University of Toronto to explore how the COVID-19 pandemic has affected a diverse population of students, particularly international students and immigrant students whose living situations and communication patterns have changed as a result of lockdowns since March 2019.

We wrote a blog post about the early stages of the project, which also includes a link to take our survey.

Students associated with this project include: Katharina Pabst (PhD, University of Toronto), Vidhya Elango (MA, University of Toronto), Erin Toohey (BA ’21 University of Rochester), and Kylie Pitt (BA ’23 University of Rochester).

Abtahian M.R., N. Nagy, K. Pabst, and V. Elango. 2021. Disruptions due to COVID-19: Using mixed methods to identify factors influencing language maintenance and shift. Linguistics Vanguard