Language variation and change in Indonesia

I am involved in a number of ongoing projects on language variation and change in the languages of Indonesia, with a particular focus on language shift in the Indonesian context.

Language shift in Indonesia

Cohn, A. and M. Ravindranath. 2014. Local languages in Indonesia: Language maintenance or language shift? Linguistik Indonesia 32.2: 131-148.

Ravindranath, M. and A.C. Cohn. 2014. Can a language with millions of speakers be endangered? Journal of Southeast Asian Linguistics 7: 64-75.

Language shift using census data

Pepinsky, T., M.R. Abtahian, and A.C. Cohn. 2022. Urbanization, ethnic diversity, and language shift in Indonesia. Journal of Multilingual and Multicultural Development. DOI: 10.1080/01434632.2022.2055761

Abtahian, M.R., A.C. Cohn and T. Pepinsky. 2016. Modeling social factors in language shift. International Journal of the Sociology of Language 242: 139-170.

Language shift using survey data

Cohn, A., Bowden, J., McKinnon, T., Ravindranath, M., Simanjuntak, R., Taylor, B. & Yanti. 2013. Kuesioner Pengunaan Bahasa Sehari-hari

Variation in Jakarta Indonesian

More recently, I have been collaborating with Abby Cohn, Novi Djenar, and Rachel Vogel on a project examining variation in 1st singular pronoun use in Jakarta Indonesian. This paper is part of a special issue of Asia Pacific Language Variation on variation and change in Indonesian languages.

Abtahian, M.R., A.C. Cohn, D.N.Djenar, and R.C. Vogel. Jakarta Indonesian first-person singular pronouns: form, function, and variation. Asia-Pacific Language Variation 7(2): 187-216.

Students involved in this project include Rachel Vogel (Cornell University) and Edgar Yau (UR Linguistics ’20)